Kiara Banks

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Kiara always had an interest in traveling but when she visited Jamaica for her 25th birthday, her interest turned into a passion. Seeing what a different part of the world was like beyond the television screen was eye opening and she didn’t want that experience to be her last. She made it a point to travel outside of the U.S. at least once, and sometimes twice a year, planning the entire trip for her and her friends. With every experience she learned something new from the natives and couldn’t wait to finish school so she’d have more time to explore.

Close to finishing her tenure at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, she began searching for buying and sales positions within the fashion industry and planned to move from Los Angeles to Atlanta to be closer to her family while still studying fashion and planning trips. When a friend informed her that one of her friends loved the itinerary Kiara put together for their previous trip and wanted her to help plan a trip for her friends, Kiara felt it was time to turn her hobby into her business.

Striving to help others receive the same, and if not better, eye opening experience on their vacation, Kiara created THE ELEMENT.

“Doing what I love to do and sharing my passion with others is beyond rewarding. Traveling allows you to appreciate cultural differences while recognizing at the end of the day, we’re all the same”. -KB